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By and I moved to Ohio from Kauai in 2006 because his father was dying. It is now time to move on, back to a more temperate climate, back to the big water. Ohio winters are just not as much fun as they told us they would be, and we miss the sound and feel and presence of the ocean. So we’re taking a good, long look at Panama as a retirement destination, and a jumping off point for the world traveling we intend to do.

I’m a thirty-plus year RN, with experience in neonatal/pediatric transport, emergency care and several other areas of nursing. By is a retired commercial helicopter pilot and now a writer, with two books published, and two more on the way.

Thanks for joining us on our MEBEinPanama blog, and look for the latest posts. We look forward to your comments.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Chuck Peck

    Hello and great blog! With just a few years to an early retirement, my wife and I are planning to trip to Boquete for August. I was wondering if you had any recommendations on a hotel in Boquete? We’re not looking for spa fancy but would enjoy clean, comfortable and close to town.

    Best wishes,
    Chuck and Bina


    1. ME BE in Panama

      Chuck/Bina: Thanks for checking in with our blog, nice to have you. We’re admittedly short timers in Boquete at this point, exploring and planning and finding our way around. We leave here May 7th, back to Columbus, liquidate everything and hopefully back in beautiful Boquete in September. As for places to stay, I’d highly recommend a little AirBnB place we used called Casa Los Naranjos. Here’s a link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/791387?s=VRCNKwBk. Katarina and Pedro are terrific hosts, the house is very warm and welcoming and the breakfasts are great. If you want a real hotel, the Ladera is pretty nice, close to town and clean, though I don’t know prices there. The Montana is also close to town, again no idea of price. Depends on when you’ll be here, I suppose, though August is low season, so… Good luck. Thanks again for reading the blog. There’s more coming. Best. BE


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